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Our Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Our new house has been one hell of a project. Let me tell you. Before this weekend our house was still just a bunch of empty walls. But after this weekend it's FINALLY all coming together, and actually looking like a real house. I mean, compared to before when it looked fake. ;P 

The cabinets were delivered last week Tuesday and installed on Thursday. B and I are beyond excited. We're one more step closer to moving in! But seriously, these cabinets are so much prettier in person. I really wish I could give you an official tour instead of just these pictures. Maybe sometime later? 

B had his buddy, Charles, and dad come over on Friday to fit the oven and fridge in place, and then the real work started on early Saturday morning. We started measuring and cutting away at those beyond beautiful butcher block countertops. There's nothing more farmhouse than butcher block countertops. They just add so much character to the kitchen, and I feel like I'm stepping into a magazine every time I walk into my new kitchen.

After we finished the island countertop, we fit the sink and the stovetop into the cabinets. We couldn't have done anything without our dear friend, Mr. Starks. Thank you so much! Next on the list, the faucet for the sink, garbage disposal and dishwasher. It's finally starting to sink in…we might just be moving in later this week. Eeek!! 

Check out our progress below…and of course, more pictures to come. 

Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. Oh my gosh, your kitchen is coming together so nicely! I love the butcher block countertops so much. Our kitchen is a disaster area right now because we're packing everything away. You guys are moving in... and we're moving out. ;)

    I bet you can't wait to be living in your new home!

  2. What a beautiful kitchen!!! i love it


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