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Making Your Workflow Easier


So lately, I'm finding it harder and harder to stay on top of multiple photo sessions, making time for my husband, finalizing everything with our new house and well, just putting food on the table at night. Hell, I haven't been to the grocery store in over a month. A month, people. Poor husband. 

Well, I came across this article the other day from my friends over at Photography Concentrate, and it really put thing into perspective. Your workflow is insanely important when it comes to efficiently getting things done. And that's not just with editing photos, that's with everything in life too. But it's important to make sure the process isn't complicated or inefficient, otherwise you won't stick to it and your system will fall apart. 

Now I think I've got a workflow schedule that works for me, and I'm super pumped about it. Before it would take me weeks, sometime a month to finish a photo session. I hated that it took me so long in the post-processing stage. I remember how anxious and frustrated at how long it took to get my wedding images back from my photographer, and I never want to put my clients through that by taking so long to finish their images. 

Though, the last few photo sessions I did took me two weeks from time of the photo session to the time I put that CD in the mail. And dammit I was pretty proud of that! 

So tell me, how do you manage your time and workflow? Especially for all you stay at home moms too, how do you get it all done?

PS. I finally created a new photo blog for all of my photo sessions. Check 'em out here!

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