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Simply Irresistible

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Dress: Shop Ruche, Necklace: Francesca's Collection, Shoes: Blowfish, Sunglasses: Kohl's

Happy Tuesday to you, friends! Hope your week is off to a great start. B and I still have quite a bit of packing and moving still to do, and a few more boxes to tape up. It's all coming together, and we'll be moved into the new house before we know it. :) 

So I came across some advice over the weekend, and well, I just had to share it with you. I don't really remember exactly where I got this information from, possibly an awfully embarrassing summer camp or something, but after I reread the list of ten it seemed pretty legit. The date was Summer of 2005 and it was titled "10 ways to be Irresistible". Ha it doesn't get any better than this I mean, everyone wants to be irresistible, right?

10 Ways to be Irresistible

1. Be nice to your enemies. It'll drive them crazy
2. Don't accept every invitation. Make them wonder where you are. 
3. Let your silence speak for you. Saying less can actually say more.
4. Show your individuality. Wear something unexpected.
5. Act beautiful, even when you don't feel it. 
6. Don't tell everything. A secret goes a long way. 
7. Leave them wanting more. Exit as big as your entered.
8. Look people in the eye. Let your eyes say maybe. 
9. Find good in everyone, even if it takes time doing it. 
10. Be a good listener, show them you are interested.

Wow! Even I impress me sometimes. ;P

But seriously, some of these are true and really do work. I know. I've tried them. Not necessarily intentionally, but hindsight, they really work. 

Just try one of them and see how it works for you. You may even surprise yourself! :) 


  1. i love #1. so true but sometimes i need a reminder :)

  2. These are much needed right about now... I haven't been feeling very nice lately. (: mainly because I've been complaining about my husband's job a lot lately, and I haven't been feeling, or acting, all that beautiful... thanks for these reminders, Alisha!


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