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A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

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I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone. I hope you and your family had a fun, happy and delicious Thanksgiving! There's no doubt I gained 20lbs just from that plate alone. I could feel my pants getting tighter, and that red indentation from the button on my pants was getting darker with every delicious mouthful. No doubt it was incredibly worth it in the end. 

Miserable and happy at the same. Doesn't get any better than that.

After two plates of turkey, dressing veggies and sweet potatoes and a necessary two hour nap, B and I woke up just in time to catch the end of the Houston Texans game and the Dallas game. Brandon's mom made a fabulous sopapilla cheesecake that I couldn't keep my hands off. B said I needed to make that a recipe at least once a week from here on. Guess it's time to get baking. :)

Do you have a favorite dessert you eat on Thanksgiving?


  1. OH that dinner looks SOOOO good!
    I was so jealous of all these dinner pictures that I made my own little thanksgiving on the weekend :)

    I also, coincidentally, made sopapilla cheesecake on sunday morning! I call it cream cheese crescent roll deliciousness :)

    Can't wait for updates on the new house Alisha!

  2. O that all looks amazing. I am pretty sure that I am still full for last week!

  3. Yum!! Makes me hungry for everything all over again :)

  4. Such nice photos! I love seeing Thanksgiving photos on blogs because here in the Czech Republic we (obviously) don't celebrate this holiday! xx


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