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Costumes and Candy, oh my!

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Jacket: gifted, Top: Target, Jeans: Buckle, Boots: Payless, Necklace: Etsy

Katniss Everdeen ready for trick or treating…er I mean, handing out the candy. Gaaahh, it's no fun growing up. Happy Halloween to you, friends. The sun has set and the kids are frolicking about going door to door. I haven't had any kiddies show up at my door just yet. Good thing I stopped by the store to pick up the good candy. I really didn't want to be that house. The too-cool-to-pass-out-candy-anymore-house. Here's hoping I don't eat it all before the kiddies show up. Hope you all have a fabulous, fun and safe night trick or treating! 

And, now I'm off to strip this leather jacket off because after all, it's still flipping 80F here. 

I'm out. 


  1. great costume. I hope the kids at least applaud your effort!

  2. Katniss, I love you! ;) What a cool costume idea. And omg... 80 degrees, that better not be headed our way or I'll cry. Maybe. Happy Halloween

  3. cute alisha!! i love that leather jacket you are wearing

  4. great costume :)
    there's so much candy at my office i wish kids would come by and take it away. I ate milk duds for breakfast! lol

  5. AMAZING! I love your costume, if only it was 80 degrees here....because it's freezing here, literally. The snow flake has appeared next to the temperature in my car.


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