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We WILL Never Forget

"Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It" -- George Santayana

Americans, true Americans, cannot EVER forget the horrendous and awful attacks that our country faced from muslim al qaeda terrorists on September 11, 2001. Sometimes I still can't believe it's been 11 years. I was a freshmen in high school, and can still remember my second period teacher running across the hall into my first period English class to tell our class to turn on the TV. That a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, and shortly after that a second plane crashed into the second tower. I had no idea what the World Trade Center was. We thought it was a joke, or a hoax. 

It wasn't until I got home from school and watched the evening news with Dan Rather that it all sank in. That the attacks were real. That thousands of people died. That so many people risked their lives to save others by running back in to those burning towers. My mom tried to explain to me as best she could why anyone would want to attack our nation. She explained, people are jealous of our country, jealous of our drive and push toward the future, and jealous that nothing keeps us down (for long).

I learned later that week in my geography class that we don't get to choose where we are born, either with luxury and privilege or with nothing at all. But, I do believe that we are born exactly where we need to be, and I believe that we need to stand up and fight for this country. Fight for what we believe in, and that's freedom and justice for all.  



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