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Snapshots as of Late...


The past few weeks have gone by at lightning speed. It's insane. I still can't believe we only have one more week left in September. I know I say this every month, but were we not just in August? I can't wait to show you guys the house, and how different it looks with all the walls up. It's even textured too, now B and I just waiting for the painter. It's so exciting waiting for it all to come together, yet a little depressing too. Depressing because everything is so darn expensive. B and I picked out and ordered flooring for the entire house, and well, that was close to three paychecks. In the end though, it will be so worth it.    

1. My precious niece, Addison, lost another tooth.
2. We finished installing the insulation in the house. 
3. A fun portrait session of my sweet SIL.
4. Canon 24-70mm lens. Need I say more? Now on my Christmas list. 
5. Trying to decide on porch lights.
6. Brandon's cotton field.
7. Sneak peek from a recent bridal session. 
8. Boyfriend tunic from Kiki La'Rue - so comfortable. 
9. Sheet rock for the entire house. Eeek!!

All edits from Instagram. Feel free to follow along @alisha_aWISHa


  1. i love that tunic on you how can i get my hands on one? that sneak peek from the bridal session is beautiful and sheet rock wow that would make me feel like an adult you know the whole buying a house growing up thing


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