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Monday Feature: Take Me For a Twirl

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you guys and gals had a productive weekend. This week is gonna be BIG. B and I are making progress on the house, and we couldn't be happier. So while I'm out pinning things like built-in shelves, kitchen cabinet and counter-top combinations, and much more house related pins, I've got Sydney from Take Me For A Twirl for this week's Monday Feature. This girl is a fabulous blog friend who hails all the way from Canada. She is funny, downright gorgeous, and is going to be making a huge difference in people's lives with her new job (congrats again, Sydney)! Be sure to check out her blog leave her some love.

* * * * * * 

I'm Sydney, and I blog over at Take Me For A Twirl. I live in Toronto, Canada (yes, Canada!), which I happen to think is pretty great. I'm 23 and 6ft tall which is what my mom says equals "don't mess with me". A little bit about my blog: Everyone who dishes out blog advice says "don't be a do-it-all-blog", well, no offence to them but I think Alisha and I are just killing it with what we've got going on. My blog is about my life, it's ups and downs and all the hilariously awkward moments in between. 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here's a little bit about me: 

I work at a second hand bookstore 

I am starting school this fall studying to become a midwife (or as my friends call me "baby quarterback") 

I have a handsome manfriend who I am very much in love with 

In the summertime I run a small dessert business and like baking fancy (and non fancy) things 

I like to give advice (mostly to myself, ahem) on living a happy and joy-filled life 

my camera's name is Penelope 

People on pinterest really like this post 

I read a lot (it's good for you, trust me)

and sometimes I write real pretty-like 

but mostly I'm just a goof (and a smart ass) who likes to have fun and enjoy life. Thanks Alisha for letting me hang today on your interwebs space. It's pretty neat (just like you girl!) I'd love to see you over at Take Me For a Twirl! Grab a coffee and c'monnnn over, remember I'm Canadian so I'm friendly! Promise :)


  1. nawww! Thanks for all the sweet words my friend! And for the feature :) You are a peach! Have a fantabulous week! xoxo

  2. she is darling and i love that polka dot skirt on her!


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