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Monday Feature: Home Team Dreams

Happy Monday, sweet friends, and happy Labor Day! Today's Monday Feature is the gorgeous Brandi from Home Team Dreams. This gal is fabulous, stylish, and downright hilarious. Read more about her and her husband's dreams here. Be sure to stop by her blog and make a new friend today!

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Hi everyone! I’m very pleased that Alisha is featuring Home Team Dreams this week! 

Home Team Dreams is a blog all about my life and the little moments in it that capture me. I often define Home Team Dreams as a gumbo of all things me.  I’m your average girly-girl with a love for makeup, home d├ęcor, hosting parties and anything reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. I can be quite analytical so there’s the occasional “food for thought” post. I also love storytelling so you’ll often find a play-by-play of some odd, funny or embarrassing encounter that I’ve had. 

My dream is to conquer the home by becoming a domestic genius and Martha Stewart’s worst nightmare. Currently, I play for the away team (meaning I work outside of the home), I’m not a huge fan of cooking, and folding laundry can kick rocks; so yeah, I have a ways to go. Despite that, I throw a mean party (if I must say so myself) and truly do love all things representative of ‘the home’.

If you have a free moment stop by and say hello; I love to see new faces! 


  1. I already 'know' Brandi and read her blog. So nice to see her here... now I can see two of my favorite bloggers in one place. (:

  2. Yay!! Thanks so much for featuring Home Team Dreams, Alisha! Your intro made me blush! You're too sweet! :)

  3. I enjoy readng Brandi's blog!! I love all her makeup tips! She is sooo good at it :)


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