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Laboring on Labor Day

Happy Sunday folks, and happy Labor day weekend! Any big plans for the Labor day holiday? Well, B and I have been working diligently on our new house. Dripping sweat, itchy arms and legs, sore muscles with mile-high piles of plastic water bottles in the corner.  

Who knew burnt marshmallow smelling insulation could make a house more home-y. I've decided to invent a new line of home fragrances starting with burnt marshmallows. You're gonna want to get in on this ;P 

Our house is actually starting to take shape, and the walls are actually starting to look more like, well, walls. I still can't believe how far we've come. Eeeeek!! Guys, I'm so excited!! Mom and Dad have been a huge help the past couple of weekends. They made the three hour drive over from San Antonio for the weekend to help us out once again. Thank you guys so much! We really appreciate all of your hard work, sweat, and taking one for the team getting all itchy from that fabulous Pink Panther insulation.

Here's to a productive weekend. Stay safe, and I'll see you guys back here tomorrow for Monday Feature! xo  

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  1. That's so exciting to see your house gain shape like that! We are still working on ours (but we didnt build it). Even though most of the "big" stuff is done, there is always something for you to work on haha! Happy labor's day !

  2. Show us more, show us more. Can you tell I have no patience? ;)

    How nice of your family to drive all that way to help you with your home! Being itchy from insulation doesn't sound fun at all. Yuck. I can't wait to see more updates though. Yay!

  3. How exciting! You're so lucky to have great parents like that!:) Good luck on the house doll!


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