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Monday Feature: Home Sweet Auburn

This week's Monday Feature is the lovely Melissa Jo from Home Sweet Auburn. This is a girl after my own heart. She's from Alabama, I've been to Alabama. She loves to fish, I love to eat fish. See where I'm going with this? I mean, we're practically the same person. Go here for her about page. Read on, and be sure to drop in and say hello...


I am SO excited to be here today on Alisha's feature! Isn't she fabulous? I admire her in so many ways but one of my favorite characteristics that she has is she so full of genuine heart felt wisdom. I feel like a lot of us young people these days can be truly shallow at times, but Alisha is a shining star!

Love this lady! Thank you Alisha, for having me on your blog! 


My name is Melissa Jo, meet me over at Home Sweet Auburn
I'm in my mid-20s, single and work in construction management. 

Yes, I have a hard hat, a neon vest AND safety glasses. 
(Be Jealous!)

I love to buy crappy furniture and refurbish it. 

This is my home... Auburn, Alabama. 
Proud Auburn University Alum here, '08.
Living in a small town in the south is amazing, especially when fall is here, bring on the SEC football! 

I have a niece, Ashlynn - 13, who's taller than me. 
I can't help the fact I'm a shorty.
Ashlynn is my joy and keeps my faith real. 

I have a nephew, Caden, almost 2 and he is my love of my life. 

This is the main man in my life right now, and his 'silly' face. 
No other man can compete with that! 

I love just about anything outdoors, I hunt. 
(Mainly white-tail, but do enjoy just about any large game)

... And I fish. 

I'm also a plant geek and love to garden. 
Being a self pro-claimed foodie I'm HUGE on the farm-to-table movement.
I like to know where my food comes from and if I can provide it or grow it myself - even better!

I love to travel! 
(My BFF Sarah and I in Baltimore MD)

I rarely every stay home on the weekend, more often than not I'm burning some rubber on the highway even if it is just 2 hours away to see family or friends, I'm typically living out of a suitcase on the weekend. 

I make a habit of doing girls weekends! 
Camping with my BFFL (Best Friend for Life) Lindsey

Because 'girls only' weekends are some of the best ones. 

I make really amazing food, like this bruschetta. 
With homemade pesto butter. 

Thank you for having me Alisha!
Come over to Home Sweet Auburn and say hi!!

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  1. I'm on my way to check out Home Sweet Auburn now (:

  2. Cute post! Lovely blog!


  3. Thanks for introducing us to Melissa Jo, Alisha! It's always great to check out new blogs! :)


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