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Monday Feature: Henning Love

Happy Monday, folks! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Today's Monday Feature is Meg from Henning Love. This girl is absolutely fabulous! She's a wonderful baker with boo-koos of recipes to share. Brandon loves her key lime coconut bars. Meg could definitely give Martha Stewart a run for her money. Love even more that this girl shares my love for Jesus too! Read on and be sure to stop by her blog and make a new friend. :)     

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Hi Alisha and Brandon followers! My name is Meg Henning and I am honored to be featured today on Alisha's blog. She has a great blog with amazing photos and I love that she is doing what she loves the most, photography.

My blog is henning love and it was started back in May 2011. My first attempt at blogging was way earlier but with grad school, full-time work and a boyfriend now husband, my posts were very infrequent. I was following blogs for a long time and got the desire to really get into blogging.The primary reason I got into blogging was to give me a creative outlet. I need creativity in my life whether it is household projects or baking and blogging has definitely encouraged that. 
henning love is a lifestyle blog and an assortment of the the things I love the most.

What are the things that I love the most you will find on my blog? 
First, my husband of 2 years and our life together with our two children otherwise known as dogs.
Kip and Kimbia are the two furballs of energy in our house who make life a lot of fun and it is always nice to be greeted by them after a long day of work. 
Sean of course is the in the middle, Kimbia is on the left and Kip is on the right.

A next great love of mine is baking and you will find a plethora of desserts on my blog. Nothing relaxes me more than baking and it definitely brings out the creative part of me. I am always looking for the next great cookie or pie and no recipe is too challenging for me to try.
Recipes like this key lime cheesecake bar.

Other things I love that you will find on my blog is my weekend adventures, some fashions posts mainly the outfits I wear to work or more casual outfits. I love to do series on my blog and one of my favorite ones is called From My Hometown to Yours, where I ask bloggers to feature their hometown. I ask they write from the perspective that if I was coming to visit them, what would they plan for us to do, where would we go, what would we eat and do. If any of you are interested, please contact me, I would love to feature your hometown!

One of the best benefits of blogging is getting to meet the girls behind their blog. I have been fortunate to meet many great bloggers and have a friendship that isn't limited just to blogging. If you ever have a chance to attend a blogger meet-up, I would highly suggest it. Or even if one isn't planned, just a few girls you have gotten to know and take it from there. It is almost like a blind date except you know a little bit more about them because of what they post on their blog. 

Thanks Alisha for featuring me today!!


  1. Nice to meet you, Meg. Those key lime cheesecake bars look divine! Yum.

  2. thanks for featuring alisha!! i have loved getting to know you through blogland and appreciate the support we give each other's blog

  3. Key lime cheesecake? I'm going to have to try that!


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