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How Google Saved me $75 Buckaroos

A few weeks ago I shot a gorgeous sunset beach wedding, and completely forgot to do a few test shots. Do you remember to do your test shots? Of course you don't, you're impatient like me. There are many reasons to have a pre-shot routine, the main for these two reasons, in my opinion. But now I look for gunk and grime on my images. 

Even the most expensive dSLR cameras have to be cleaned regularly. Dust particles can really piss you off and really screw up the perfect shot, so be sure to stay on top of cleaning your gear. Mmmk? You'll thank me later.

So after I shot the beach wedding, I was going through the images and noticed these black spots on every image in the exact same spot. To say I was frustrated was a HUGE understatement. 

Can you see the dust and grim on the first picture? They're there, I promise. (Cue the crickets…)

Photobucket Photobucket

And the 'after' photo… Thank goodness for post production, right?! But that doesn't change the fact that every time I take a picture I have this crap on my camera. So I called every camera centers in Houston. No, really. The first one told me it would be $65 and would take 10 days before I would get my camera back -- way too long for me, I mean, I'd miss my babygirl. The second place said it would only take one day but would be $75. Do these people think I've got money growing on my oak trees in the back yard?! That's crazy talk.

So instead of just shelling out the dough like the millionaire I am ;P I did what any one would do -- Google it! And I found this video on how to clean the sensor in your dSLR camera. 

Thank you Google for saving me $75 buckaroos!! 

PS. I really do have a money tree in my back yard. 


  1. Next month when I'm in Texas I'll be digging up that money tree in your back yard ;)

  2. Amen. I google everything all the time. Like 'Confessions of a Shopaholic', "Yes...I Googled". I really hope you've seen that movie otherwise that just made no sense.
    Anyways, the most recent thing I Googled was how to remove ink stains from carpet. Thanks dog.


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