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An Update on the House {Virtual Tour}

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope your weekend was productive. Brandon and I spent the weekend relaxing at the house, and we had dinner with his parents. His baby sister is heading off to college this fall, so we had a big congratulatory dinner for her!

Last weekend we worked on the house, and we finished installing the gas line. We have a small list of about 10 things or so before Brandon wants to start contracting the rest of the construction out. I haven't been the best about posting updates, mainly because the changes we are making are small and not really noticeable. This building-our-own-house thing has really been a slow, slow, sloooow process. Yet at the same time it's coming together fairly quickly. So, when I saw the idea for a virtual tour I couldn't wait to put together my own photos and pins from Pinterest for you! Virtual tour idea via this lovely lady.


Our Front Foyer

When you first walk in the foyer will be the first thing you see. I've always thought having a mirror at your foyer is a classic touch. And a girl always needs to take a quick look before she leaves the house. She's got to be looking her best, you know?! And this would be a perfect place to showcase a beautiful bouquet and place your keys when you get home from work. To the right is a half bath that I can't wait to decorate. 


Our Dining Room

To your left when you walk in is the dining room. I've been dreaming of a long dinner table for a while now, and it would be perfect for this long space. Particularly this one Pottery Barn has, but for now, my budget just won't allow for it. So, my sights are set on something like the one pictured above. Finding a cheaper table and refinishing the top table-part myself - distressing and staining it to perfection. I can't wait to have people over for dinner and holidays and to have them all sit around my dinner table!


Our Living Room

The living room and dining room together form an open concept great room, so trying to make both rooms flow seamlessly, yet also be their own space too is going to be a project in itself. Our television will be mounted on the wall, so that will save space by not having an entertainment center. We've been thinking about using one paint color for the living room and dining room, then using a separate color for the bedrooms and office. What do y'all think, gray palette or brown palette? Suggestions are welcome :)


Our Kitchen

This is my absolute favorite place in the house. Even now, I love being in this space. The natural light coming through that window is downright stunning. I can't wait for our white cabinets, farmhouse sink, granite countertops and all new stainless steel appliances. I'm going to be a cooking and baking fool when we get moved in. Love the fact that I'll be able to stand at the sink and be able to see through to my dining room and living room. I haven't yet picked out my bar stools. Still working on that one. Any suggestions?


Our Master Bedroom

Our master room is down the hallway past the office and first bedroom on the right. This room will no doubt be the darkest room in the whole house - very cave-like, which Brandon loves. Our room is on the west side of the house, so only having one window will keep our room cooler in these hot Texas summers. Though, the photo above doesn't have the exact bed frame we're looking at, we will have a bed spread that will look like that! Soft and comfortable with mountains of pillows just waiting to be jumped in to.    


Our Guest Bathroom

There are two more rooms and our master bathroom left, but I wanted to showcase our half bath with our gorgeous claw foot tub. Now, this is luxury at it's best, and well this room might just give our kitchen a run for its money. We simply didn't have room in our master bath with the size of shower we wanted and this fabulous tub, so we opted to put the tub in the guest bathroom. A decision I don't mind making. I'll have plenty of alone time in here. We'll have a bead board wains coating around the room at chair rail height and plenty of room for guests and further down the road, when we have kids.

Well, there you have it, our soon-to-be home. I seriously cannot wait to move in. 
Crossing our fingers to be in before Thanksgiving.     


  1. Oh my gosh its going to be amazing! I hope it all comes together quickly for you!!

  2. I love all your pics, and that dining room table will be fabulous! Excited for you girly!

  3. hahahahahaha- I was looking through the photos on the right going HOLY MOLY THEY THE BEST HOUSE EVER!!! I then went back and read the text and realised that your house wasn't finished yet...but if it looks half as good as the photos on the right, it will be amazing!! I love the bath already!

  4. so exciting!!! I love your pintrest selections! I need some pin-spiration for my bedroom, it needs a make over big time!

    my fingers are double crossed that you can move in before Thanksgiving :)


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