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The thing about laughter

Over the weekend Brandon and I drove down to his Aunt's house for his great-grandmother's 90th birthday (90 years old, can you believe that?!). Nanny is fabulous and so was her party! I'll share more pictures from her party later on. 

Guys, I really can't tell you the last time I laughed so hard. So hard in fact that I literally cried. Seriously, red-blood-shot eyes and tears rolling down my face. And I can't even tell you what was so funny. Something about his can of snuff being dog poop (??)... I really don't know. Whatever it was, B thought it was pretty funny too! What I do know is that I laughed that day. Hard. And I loved every minute of it.  

Laughter Really IS the Best Medicine.

Happy Tuesday, blog friends!!



  1. I agree! About two weeks ago my husband and I ordered some take-out from this cute little french cafe' that I love. Well, we get back into the car and then decide to look to make sure everything was included. My husband's order was not what he expected it to be and he was so upset and disappointed, but for some WEIRD reason it caused me to laugh so hard! I could not stop. Tears were rolling, I couldn't talk. And the more that I tried to contain my laughter and tell him that I was laughing at the situation and not him, the more I laughed. I really don't know why it was so funny, but it really was. And it felt so good to laugh rather than get upset. Laughter truly is the best medicine! :)

  2. Love this picture of the two of you!!! Laughter is so important in any relationship and that picture shows ya'll sense of humor together, precious! (Someday, maybe I'll find my own!)

  3. that's such a great picture of you guys :)
    looks like the party was fantastic!! the photo booth is adorable.

    Laughter really is the best. Last weekend I did the winery tour (as you know) followed by an evening of laughing so hard I definitely cried, fell down and had a stomach ache :) I haven't had that much fun in YEARS!



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