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A Day in the Park

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Pure joy! Pure, innocent joy! That little face just oozes joy. Happiness straight from his core. How can you not love that? Kids really are awesome (though, we'll see if my opinion is still the same when I have my own kids). ;P 

Sister and I took baby boy Lincoln to the park just a few blocks from my house. Talk about fun. That first picture is probably my absolute favorite. And the sound that came out of him was even more exhilarating. I don't think I've ever seen a happier kid. Can't get enough of him. Not gonna lie, I loved climbing that jungle gym and coming down that slide too! We should really spend more days out at the park.

Happy Wednesday, friends!   


  1. He's the happiest sweetest boy I've ever seen! Until my new nephew comes along of course. ;) I can't wait to have these proud auntie moments too!

  2. So fun! Summer days at the park are definitely a lot of fun. I love the first picture too. It always amazes me how kids get happy with so little. If there's something that makes them happy, they'll do over and over again. And sometimes it's something silly to us like bubbles or a cardboard box.

    Nothing beats the sound of a sweet baby laughter! So pure and innocent!

  3. These are too adorable...he looks like he is fun!

  4. Aww, sweet pictures. These are the best kind of days aren't they?

  5. he's such a cutie! nothing better then being an aunty is there? :)

  6. sure is pure joy and the whole day looks like it would carry you girls on a total high the entire rest of the week too :) awesome photos Alisha, Lincoln is all kinds of adorable! ♥


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