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Make Today Great!

Happy Monday, sweet friends! Hope your weekend was a good one. Our weekend was packed full of family fun, memories were made and even a beach wedding. Brandon and I went to our friend's beach wedding Friday night. Sayrah and Chad are incredibly sweet and absolutely adorable together. I still can't get over how sweet their ceremony was. They each wrote their own vows, and you would have never know they planned everything in just two short weeks. Precious, I tell you. We then spent the rest of the weekend with Brandon's Dad's family. Who are absolutely adorable and so much fun to be around. 

Make today great! And feel free to jump around too. xo



  1. Wow! Planning a wedding in two weeks is impressive.

  2. Whoa ... 2 weeks?!?! Cute picture - did you capture that?!

  3. wow planned in two weeks that is awesome!! love the jumping photo so fun

  4. such a cute picture - and such a cute blog
    family time is the best!
    excited to be your newest follower!

  5. Beach weddings are so beautiful, even more impressive is that it was done in 2 weeks!!


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