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Send Something Good - link up!

Hey y'all, today is big link up and reveal for the send something good project! I had so much fun picking out all of my items for my secret blogger pal. 

She collects nail polish, loves red lipstick, the flavor cherry and her favorite Disney character is Donald Duck. And what blogger doesn't need a brand new journal? I even added a fun handmade bracelet too!

Hope she liked everything I sent her!

I got some awesome goodies in return too!! Thank you so much Paragraph Cove for all the wonderful handmade stationary, buttons, bracelets and scarf. You are so talented! :) And seriously, how awesome is that sand dollar?! 

Happy Sunday everyone! :) 

PS. Be sure to check back tomorrow for an end of the month giveaway!!


  1. You gave and received awesome little goodies! Happy Sunday :)

  2. Such a cute idea! And you got such great goodies.

  3. so much good candy in that picture!

  4. Your pal is gonna be on a sugar high! Cute goodies she sent you :)

    xo Shane


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