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Looking Your Best


Over the weekend I was in San Antonio, and I got to spend some much needed quality time with one of my best friends, Andrea, and her husband, Tony. We went to dinner at El Bohio (you may have seen it here). They serve some of the best Puerto Rican and Ethnic foods around San Antonio. When we finished our meal I notice Andrea and Tony both plugging in calories into their fitness app on their iPhones. They've been counting calories since December, and Andrea has lost 15 lbs (and still losing). But now, her clothes don't fit. She doesn't have the money to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe. She's totally down for thrifting to find good deals, but she still has all her old clothes. 

I suggest she cinch her bigger shirts and dresses with belts to save some of those old clothes and to show off her new skinnier figure!  

What are your favorite ways to dress well for your size and shape? How do you make your wardrobe work through transitions?

Check out the BlogHer Life Well Lived blog post about how other women are making their wardrobe work during transitions!! 

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  1. Hey girl! I know we have been out of touch lately! Things have been SO busy this semester at FIT, it's been insanne!!!! But it's good to hear from you, I'm done with school in two weeks and I will be more in touch with the blog world then. But come visit NYC and we can hang out!!! Summer in NYC is so fun too!!

  2. Oh the joys of clothing transitions. I think the key for me is to find tops that are flowy at the bottom that are tigther around the ribs because that is my smallest part and generally stays around the same size so I can fluctuate in other areas. Tell your friend she looks great!

  3. I get really frustrated with counting calories. That's my biggest downfall of weight loss. I run and run and run, and tone and tone and tone, and I lose maybe an inch and maybe a pound. I just can't seem to jump on the calorie counting band wagon, even though I know it's helpful (and your friend looks great!). I think cinching the old clothes to make them look better is a great idea! No need to get rid of them yet ;)


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