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Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

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How does your garden grow?!

It's definitely feeling like spring here in Texas. Yesterday I finally got my garden planted, and I can't tell you how happy I am. Though I wish it were bigger, I think these few plants may actually be more than I can handle for awhile ha! I've got strawberries, cucumbers, squash, okra, jalepeno peppers and I'm starting some tomatoes from seed. We'll see how well a gardener I actually am if I can get those seeds started. 

Do any of you have gardens at your house? 

PS. When did April get here? I swear we were still in February. 

Happy Sunday!!


  1. Please teach me!! I want to have a garden so bad!!

  2. Your garden looks so cute! I'm sure youll do great!

  3. I need a garden....thanks for inspiring.


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