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He's Just a Little Obsessed

Y'all, my dog is obsessed with trees. Seriously, trees! Honestly though, I think obsessed might just be an understatement for him. I mean he will wear his-self out trying to get every last remaining  branch off a tree. He's also stripped the tree's bark off completely at the base of tree. It's really quite entertaining to watch.

His obsession is kind of a long story and goes back to when I was in college. At my old duplex we had a privacy fence that surrounded our little back yard. And by little, I mean the size of bathroom stall. Astro barely had room to poop and pee without stepping in it himself. And there was this pesky squirrel that always came around. I swear his sole purpose in life was to annoy the shit out of my dog.

That squirrel would sit on the top of that privacy fence, then jump to the trees then back to the fence, and every move he made Astro tried to kill him. It was so hard to think of my dog child becoming a murderous creature. Ahhh, it's just torture.

Needless to say, Astro never got that squirrel, but to this day he still associates squirrels with trees. And this is what I get in the end. A maniac dog who's obsession had turned into "Look Mommy, he's doing tricks!" for the little girl across the street!

Do any of your pets and/or children have any crazy obsessions? Or am I by myself on this one?

Oh, and PS. I completely forgot to announce a winner from the giveaway two weeks ago. See, I'm so awful at hosting giveaways. I really shouldn't even do them.

Anyway, the winner for the Kindle Fire is Gwen!  CONGRATS!! I'll be in touch.


  1. Hahahaha that is sooooo cute!!! Silly Astro!!

  2. That is too funny! We had a dog when I was a child that hated when cupboards or the dishwasher were open. He would bark non stop and growl at the item until we closed it. :)

  3. Haha! Too funny! My dog has an obsession with the sounds of plastic bags. Anytime we have plastic bags in our hands or my husband is pulling out a new trash bag she goes nuts. She barks and jumps up and down. It's almost as if the noise annoys her. It's entertaining, weird, cute and creepy all wrapped into one.

  4. That is precious. The joys of dogs!

  5. Wow those photos are crazy! Your dog looks rally ferocious and determined to attack the tree! :O

  6. too funny! my little Matilda loves water!
    Every time I turn on the tap she comes running from wherever she is and wants to get right under the water lol :)
    Yes she's a cat, cats aren't supposed to like water :)


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