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Blogging Frustrations of sort


After a successful day of shopping on Sunday I came home, plopped down on the couch and opened my laptop. I checked my inbox and replied to a few e-mails, uploaded pictures from my camera and opened a new blog post. I clicked on the little picture icon to add pictures to my post and this ugly red warning popped up saying I have exceeded my limit to Picasa's web album! 

Exceeded my what?!! 

I had NO idea Google was keeping tabs on the amount of pictures I've added to my blog. 

So now, thanks to Google's bullshit picture limit, I'm using Photobucket for all of my picture needs regarding my blog. I've known about Photobucket for a while now, but it just seemed like WAY too many steps to go through to upload my pictures. 

I mean, first I have to upload my pictures from my camera, then go through and find the pictures I want to use for a post. I do a few minor edits in Lightroom then save the images (editing straight from Photobucket just doesn't do it for me). Then I have to upload the images to Photobucket then copy and paste each image html into my blog post. C'mon, tell me how time consuming that is. Really it's a pain in the arse. 

Help a gal out, do you guys have any quick tips on managing your images? What do you use to manage your pictures on your blog? Is Blogger the only platform that has a image limit?


  1. holy shmoly i had no idea there was an image limit. is it based on size of files? one thing i definitely do prior to upload is resize the files so they're appropriate for the web but are still pretty small files. maybe that's why i haven't hit a limit yet? i bet it's coming soon though...

  2. I was frustrated by that, too! I didn't even think about doing it through Photobucket, though! I paid for the extra storage...unhappily.

  3. booooooo!!! that stinks! i use to use photobucket and there are a bunch of extra steps on that site.

  4. Do you use a PC or Apple computer?

    If you blog with a PC, download (for FREE) Windows Live Writer. It is an awesome blog publisher that publishes to whichever blog platform you use. You don't have to go through the trouble of uploading your photos onto photobucket or picasa. It is so much easier. Give it a try! I would never go back to publishing within blogger!

  5. Oh no! There's a limit?! Going to have to look in to some of these things I guess.

    Also, I responded to your wonderful comment. :) Don't know if you check back (or get an email telling you), but maybe I'll just email back next time. :)

  6. that is so irritating!!! I had no idea there was a limit! I've been using Phtotobucket from the beginning and haven't had a problem with it. It may from time to time seem like a few extra steps but it's been very reliable :)

  7. I've known for awhile that there is a limit. Once I found out how much it cost (it seems like it wasn't much) I just accepted one day I would have to pay for it. I know I'm not going to go through the steps to host the pics elsewhere, and fact of the matter, it's a small price to pay for the happiness that blogging bring to my life.

  8. I had the same thing happen to me! I paid $3 a few months ago and have had no problem since uploading photos. It sucks that it costs money but right now I can't afford the extra steps/time.

    I feel your pain though, lady!


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