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Spring is here and in full swing in south Texas.

I love saying goodbye to Winter, especially since Spring is next on the list. Spring brings warmer weather, picnics, fresh fruit, ice cold drinks, lots and lots of color, growing my garden, vitamin D from the sun and of course, being out on the water. But my favorite thing about spring of all is 3 little B's. You know, buds, blooms and blossoms, duh! ;) 

Spring means I get to look forward to flowers. 

Fresh cut flowers, wildflowers, and even store bought flowers. I can't get enough of them. There's just something about flowers that bring new life, new beginnings and above all, a slew of gorgeous colors to God's green Earth. And not to mention they make for awesomespice pictures too!

So, tell me, what do you look forward to the most with springtime?


  1. How BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I am most looking forward to sundresses and sandals...and sitting outside with friends to eat! :)

  2. Oh my goodness. how pretty! I wish spring was here in's suppose to snow tomorrow. consider yourself lucky!

  3. so pretty! I can not wait for the cherry blossoms here, I've got my camera all ready! :)

  4. I love the smell of lilacs growing! I can't wait until they start blooming. Spring is awesome.

  5. I love to be able to sit out side at night in the cool weather & enjoy my family & my dogs!

  6. i am so ready for spring! but at the moment, we are having our annual spring snow storm. it's a little depressing.

  7. SO pretty. It was looking like that here some weeks ago, but one week of non-stop rain washed everything off :-(

    Beautiful pictures!

  8. Wow! These flowers and photos are gorgeous!! I love spring- the sun, the color, everything!

    Happy Monday!


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