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A Quick Trip

These girls are my favorite. I couldn't have asked for better cousins. I love these girls to the moon and back. When the three of us get together there's no telling what will be said, or what we'll get in to. Quotes from the movie UP! were quoted, along with Ace Venture, When Nature Calls. We even had a let's-get-together-and-torture-Alisha-party because of a flipping thorn bush decided to attack my foot (see second photo). Damn thorns. Guess that's what I get for wearing flip-flops in a open pasture taking pictures??

Saturday morning I left town and cut a supposed-to-be-three-hour-drive to San Antonio in half. I won't admit I was speeding, though I won't deny it either. If you're not first, you're last, right?! I met up with Stacy and her fiance, DJ, to do a quick engagement session (pictures coming soon!). I'm SO excited to share this e-session with you!! Stacy and DJ are absolutely adorable together, and their pictures turned out so much better than I ever could've imagined. 

Check back soon for Stacy and DJ's e-session! 
Happy Tuesday, friends. :)


  1. Can't wait to see the photos! And I love the Cowboys t-shirt :)

  2. i love love the fun times with family!

  3. Yay more engagement photos! I can't wait to see those. I got some thorns in my foot walking barefoot on the beach last month... so not cool. They did NOT want to leave my foot.

    I wish my cousin didn't live so far away in the Pacific Northwest.... aren't cousins the best?! (:


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