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My Obsession Takes Over

So my obsession with The Hunger Games has since taken over Brandon. He's almost done with Catching Fire (the second book of The Hunger Games), and I am ecstatic!

Brandon's not much of a reader (he says he is, but I beg to differ). I haven't seen him read one book since we've been married. Until now. 

I may have nagged a little to get to him to read the series (read: I practically forced him to!), but he'll be such a better person after reading the series, no? Needless to say I'm super excited because now I can actually talk to someone about the books in detail. Ask questions. And get lost in the wonderful, yet creepy futuristic world Suzanne Collins created. 

Although, last night after dinner Brandon was reading on the couch, and I plopped down beside him. I was desperate to know which part he was reading, so I interrupted. I asked him where he was in the book, and he told me. 

Then, out of nowhere, he blurts out, "I wonder if in the second movie she'll be naked?!" And I immediately know who he's talking about (Johanna). "You know, like in the elevator when she strips down naked and in the training room? That'd be awesome!"

Ugh! Typical men. They see the words 'naked' and 'woman' in the same sentence and their mind goes crazy. Well, not their minds per se. Just their penis. 

A look of disgust covers my face, and I retort back, "Puuuhleease! They're gonna keep all the movies PG-13 to have a larger audience, duh!" And I storm off. I shouldn't have even asked.

Men. They can be so perverted sometimes. Oh, who am I kidding? We all are. Thank you Suzanne Collins for creating Peeta! ;)

Anywho, here's a short clip of Katniss when she meets Cinna, her stylist, for the first time. I love Cinna's sweet spirit and genuine attitude toward Katniss. Get ready boys and girls, the movie will be here before we know it.

Oh, and PS. Apparently E!Online is streamlining the world premiere on their website if you're around later today around 3pm CST.


  1. I can't wait to see this movie! Hubs and I never go to movies but we WILL be seeing this one!

  2. I am totally obsessed too! I stole the countdown from you and posted it on my blog! I have my tickets purchased already and am buying a shirt to wear to the movie and going to be playing the soundtrack on my way there. My husband won't read the books but he wants to see the movies {thank goodness!!!} so he's going with me on Tuesday the 27th and I cannot wait at all!! :) It is going to be so amazing! Oh and I might just have to check that out today on E!

  3. Just two more weeks! I think I can talk the bf into seeing the movie but I'm pretty sure he won't be reading the book first. :)

  4. I have my tickets for March 26th at 6:30pm I can't wait!!!!!

    p.s. I read that book Diary of a Mad Fat Girl. I whipped through it. I can't way I loved it but I really wanted to find out how it ended. I didn't love the main character and I think her name was weird LOL with friends named Lilly and Chloe why would they call her Graciela?? lol

  5. I looooove the Hunger Games trilogy!! I can't wait for the movie :) I'm glad Brandon likes it, too!!


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