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In Honor of The Hunger Games

Happy Monday everyone! Did y'all have a good weekend? OK, let me ask you a more important question, did you go see The Hunger Games, and if so, how many times?!

Last night Brandon and I FINALLY went to the-highly-anticipated-and-
definitely-delivered-movie. I really wanted to be one of the first people to see it and go the midnight premiere on Thursday, but my husband is well, for lack of better words, lame.

Oh, he knows I love him.

But, Brandon doesn't like crowds and well, he wouldn't have done so good with a packed theatre and a bunch of screaming fans, so we opted for a late showing on Sunday night.

Oh man, I could go on forever about the movie. The good, the bad and the handsome. Mmm, Mmm. Peeta had me the minute the camera panned to him when his name was called in the reaping. I wanted to cry for him. I cried like flipping baby when Katniss volunteered for little duck, Prim, though.

I absolutely loved the movie. And loved even more that Suzanne Collins helped write the screenplay. I'm sure it felt like rewriting her book and adding in things she thought of later that didn't make the book. Gary Ross did an amazing job directing the stunning cast and crew.

I have to keep reminding myself that the book and movie are two separate  pieces, and though they share the same name doesn't mean they have to follow the same timeline. I've learned that movies don't always have to be linear. They can practically tell a story backwards and the viewer would still probably get the message. They can add in a flashbacks/flash-forwards or interject something at different places and still get the same points across.

The movie did a great job incorporating the flashback Katniss has of Peeta saving her with the loaves of bread. Those flashbacks made me fall even more in love with Peeta. As if he really needed any more help. ;)

What about you, were you OK with how the movie played out? Did it meet your expectations? Let's hear it…

"Happy Hunger Games. And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Why yes this is my new purse!


  1. love the bag! I loved the movie too! I thought they did a great job! I agree with your comments about the movie, the book and the movie are telling the same story but they look completely different. The movie was phenomenal! I totally cried too!

  2. I'm going in exactly 2 hours!!! Ek!
    Love that bag. I think I need one :)

  3. I loved the movie. My only real complaint was that the cannon only went off sometimes when someone died.

  4. I finally saw it last night, and loved the movie!


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