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Dreams Really do Come True

So, a little while ago my husband, Brandon, and I started working on our new house. It was originally my father-in-law's house. He was building it for his hired hands on his farm. Well, when Brandon and I weren't able to find a house within our budget last year we talked things over with Brandon's dad and in the end he gave us his farm house. 

Now, we're picking up where the previous builders left off. We started in December, and we've made so much progress since then it's unbelievable. Every day gets a little closer to moving in. We have a house, and we are so excited to make it our own. 

This past weekend Brandon worked on the plumbing, and just yesterday he ordered our claw foot tub, shower head and faucets. We'll literally be standing under Niagara falls every time we take a shower. My shower head may or may not be on viagra with as much water as it says it's supposed to put out. ;P

Lately I've been a pinning fool with lots and lots of bathroom ideas, layouts, furniture and decorations trying to get inspiration for how I want our farmhouse bathroom to look. Here's a few of my ideas and dreams! 

Source: via Alisha on Pinterest

What does your dream bathroom look like? Are any of you remodeling or building your own house and/or bathrooms? 
Care to share any do's or don't's when building?! I'd love to hear 'em. :)

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday, sweet friends! You're only one day away from the weekend!!


  1. LOVE that last pic!! So exciting I want to see pics of all of the changes lady!! xoxoxo

  2. So excited for you! I absolutely love the his and hers mirrors and the claw foot tub. I am excited to see some pictures and am happy to be your newest blog follower!

  3. My favourite of all is the first one His and Her mirrors. ;)

  4. Yay, it must be an amazing feeling to own your OWN place! My hubby and I will get there one day :)

  5. a claw foot tub is definitely in my dream bathroom! I really love those pictures of the his and hers mirrors. What great idea really. You should totally do that :)

    I was at the tile store with my parents today for their kitchen and kept seening beautiful glass tiles. Couldn't help think how amazing they would be in a spa like bathroom! :)

  6. Ahh! Claw foot tubs! That is definitely a must for my dream home! I absolutely love them!!! I'm SO jealous!


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