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Too Funny NOT to Share

So, I can't tell you when this clip actually aired live, but when I saw this for the first time I almost cried as hard as she did. Granted her tears are from shear excitement, mine were just from laughing at her expense. Hahaha!   

Happy Thursday, friends!

PS. Don't forget to laugh today!

Clip found via this site


  1. omggggg cryyiinggggg my stomach hurts from laughing sooo hard THANK you for sharing! xxo

  2. oh my gosh!!! haha this is the best video!! thank you for sharing :) hope all is well pretty lady!!

  3. OMG LOL!! How have I not seen this before!? Through the whole clip I was totally expecting some person in a sloth costume to come out and scare her! Ahahahah! I am nearly crying from laughing too! This woman is insane!!

  4. Oh my gosh I saw her meltdown at home and on Ellen! I cannot believe she loves sloths that much, but I'd have a meltdown over a golden retriever any day. ;) Seriously... if my husband ever came home with one I'd cry for days. hehe

    Hope you are doing well dear!


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