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Something Hard to Write About

Seasons come and go, shaping and changing the world all around us. Takes trees for example. New leaves begin to bud and cover the dormant trees in a beautiful glossy green in Spring. Those trees are homes for all kinds of living creatures and shade for you and me on a warm day.

Then as the sun comes out to play in Summer and warms those same leaves in hotter temperaturs their color starts to fade to a darker green, and they lose their shine. Those same trees still provide shade as they did in Spring but their color is not as vibrant as it was before.

As summer begins to cool down and Autumn makes its way, those faded green leaves start to change colors completely. Red, orange and yellow slowly start to take over those once vibrant, glossy green leaves.

There's something about this world that's never permanent. And that scares me. Even the seasons changing tells me that time is moving by too fast.

I got a phone call on Friday last week with news that shook me to my very core. One of my high school friends was in a car accident and wasn't expected to make it.

Death is always hard to handle even so when you are close to the person. You feel a piece of you has died along with them, and the worst part, you'll never be able to get it back. I know my Heavenly Father has reasons for everything He does, death just doesn't seem like it should be a part of it. That whole in your heart aches with every thought of the person. The pain and sorrow can sometimes be unbearable. But it's that word alone, unbearable, that helps me through.

God promised to never put on us more than we can bear. And He knows how much we can take. He did create us and fashion us on His own image after all. That's when we have to look to him for peace, comfort and strength to make it through each day.


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. :(

  2. Thinking of you friend. I lost a friend last year. I know how terribly sad it feels. Sending you love and thank you for writing about it.

  3. I'm so sorry! My prayers are with you, hun!

  4. oh hun, i'm so sorry to hear for the lost of your friend. loosing someone is never ever easy. i pray for God to give you comfort and peace during this time. as well as to your friends family.

    i just had a conversation similair to your post eariler with my friend. sending hugs your way!!

  5. sending some love your way friend, be strong

  6. I had a similar experience once. It shocked indeed.


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