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OK, so the secret's out.

This girl has curly hair. Like, frizzy, uncontrollable, sometimes unmanageable hair. It's actually more wavy than curly, but you get the point. 

When I started styling my own hair, oh, around sixth grade-ish, I always struggled with taming my mane. I hated the frizz of my natural curls. I hated when the humidity attacked my perfectly styled curls. I tried product after product, but nothing ever seemed to work. 

When school pictures came in I always hated comparing mine to the other girls at school. Sixth, seventh and even eighth grades were the worstMy hair was never as pretty or as perfect as the other girls. I was ashamed of my hair and my pictures. 

I remember coming home crying to my mom about how bad my pictures turned out because of my hair and how ugly it looked. I cursed my curls. I wanted straight hair like all the other girls at school. 

Since then, I've grown up a little bit. (I was so dramatic back then.) 

I've learned to embrace my curls. I've learned that when it's rainy or there's even an ounce of humidity in the air that I wear my hair curly or in an up-do. And, when there's no humidity in the air that's when I can wear my hair straight. 

So, when Misikko contacted me about doing a review for one of their top-of-the-line straighteners, I was totally on board. The Hana Titanium straightener is one of the best straighteners I've used, and I've even used a Chi. 

Yours truly with somewhat tamed wavy hair, 
but with a bit of frizz still intact. 

The awesome people over at Misikko, Hana Salon sent over a fabulous bundle of goodies along with the Hana Titanium straightener. Talk about a surprise! I absolutely love the eye make-up they included, especially the liquid eyeliner. 

My experience with the Hana straightener was flawless. It took less time to straighten my hair than with my previous straighteners. I always section my hair before straightening, but with my previous straighteners I have to run the sections of my hair through twice, not with the Hana though. It straightened my hair perfectly the first time. 

I've heard great things about the Hana hair dryers. I wouldn't mind having that hair dryer too. It would make straightening my frizzy mane even easier. 

If you're in the market for a new straightener or hair dryer look no further. Misikko is offering all readers an awesome $10 off any Hana purchase. Just use promo code: HANASALON

Happy Tuesday, friends! 


  1. hawt mama! i sooo want one of those! your hair looks good!!

  2. SEXY SEXY!! Hahaha
    I should get my momma one of those
    Your hair looks awesome!

  3. That's amazing! Even though my hair is super thin, I always have to run my hair through straighteners multiple times. That would be a serious time saver!

    You look great!!

  4. Wow, what an awesome package to get to review! :)

    I'm pretty much the opposite of you. I'm a curly haired girl too, but I can't remember the last time I straightened my hair. :)

  5. I always think it is funny how the grass is always greener. You have NO idea how much I have always wished for curly/wavy hair. I will take your "frizz" over my stick-straight, thick and heavy hair any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Seriously.

    And you're cute. :) That blue looks great on you!

  6. Just gorgeous!! I've been really curious about that flat-iron so I'm glad to see how well it worked for you :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your comment made my day, sweetie!

  7. Looks great!! I love the makeup products they sent you, too!

  8. Oh man. I feel ya on the uncontrollable mane thing. Story of my life (no pun intended). I think I'm FINALLY to a place in my life where I know how to handle my hair, but it took a while to get here! :) So glad you got a Hana! Aren't they the best?! Have a great weekend girl.

  9. love love love it! i have the same frizz/wave. i like to call it my obnoxious wave, because it not quite wavy where it's cute, like i could do anything with it....but it's got some volume and texture! yours looks awesome!!


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