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I WANT my house to look like this!

Have you heard? 

Pottery Barn is offering decorating how-to classes. How awesome is that? That's something this girl needs.

My house is more of a hodge-podge collection of everything over the past 7 years. I've kept a few things from college and accumulated other things since then. 

Our house is very eclectic, but as I'm phasing myself out of the college stage I'm trying to make our home more, well, grown up. 

A home that Brandon and I can come to at the end of the day and not have to cringe when you see the mis-match decor on the walls.

Seriously, I need to take that decorating how-to class at Pottery Barn.

How do you decorate your home? How do you make your house a home?

The perfect entry way. 

Recycled wine bottles. Need I say more?

A little decor for my laundry room, 
because you never know when you'll need something to entertain you while you're doing those wifely duties.

A chic farmhouse style bathroom.

Aquariums? Yeah those things are for kids. 
I want a grown up terrarium!

And a warm, comfortable bed to crawl into at night, or get my groove on if you know what I mean. 


  1. Yeah, our house (aka apartment) isn't really decorated at all. We're slowly making it more of a home, though, so hopefully it'll feel more comfy-cozy soon!

  2. how cool! classes from pottery barn would be amazing!!

  3. Pottery barn makes me feel inferior! I absolutely love their stuff! I think half of my wedding registry was from Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma.

    I think it's fabulous to have a 'modge-podge' home though. It makes it unique. It makes it more you.

    I love to incorporate different types of pieces... a little modern, a little shabby chic, a little vintage, a little whatever I can find! Decorating a home is a life long task ;)

  4. Pottery Barn is lovely though expensive. I like to mix antiques with modern. Ikea is still a regular shopping destination for me :)

  5. I LOVE Pottery Barn! I want my house to look like this too!


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