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What do date night, deserted islands and Due Date (the movie) have in common?

Well, I had every intention of publishing this post earlier this morning, but things didn't quite work out that way. You see, after I got up I made myself breakfast, and after I ate breakfast I forgot that I received an awesome package in the mail yesterday (more on that later), and after playing with said awesome package I got carried away watching a few dvr'd reruns of Sex and the City. Priorities, people. C'mon! ;)
Monday night husband and I decided to go out for dinner instead of staying home. Just your ordinary spur-of-the-moment trip to the Home Depot then across the street to closest restaurant, but who's complaining, we had a gift card! 

We made our trip to Home Depot looking for plumbing supplies for our new house. Before making it to the plumbing aisle we decide to look for an attic ladder. We found ourselves in the lumber section, where I was beyond boredom. I wasn't really in to the idea of shopping that night, so to make the best of a boring situation I did what any girl would do... 

Race down the aisles on my shopping cart, of course. 

Husband laughed. Guess he was bored too. Score one for this wifey. 

After the Home Depot we drove across two parking lots and one intersection and ended up at Chili's. Gotta love suburban living of strip malls and convenience. 

On our way home we were listening to our favorite radio station. Brandon was singing along, and I was scrolling through my Instagram photo feed. When the song ended a commercial came through the speakers, but Brandon repeated the song's chorus one more time.

Me: That song's not on the radio anymore.
Brandon: I know, but I like that song.

Me: But it's a commercial. Shhh! (Apparently I wanted to listen to that commercial)
Brandon: Man, you'd be boring on a deserted island!

Me: Huh? I would NOT be boring on a deserted island. What does singing have to do with a deserted island anyway? 
Brandon: Well duh, we wouldn't have a radio. We'd have to sing to ourselves. 

His train of thought gets me every. time. Kind of reminds me of this scene. (specifically at second 35)

My skinny margarita from Chili's. Only 110 calories!

Do you guys use Instagram on your phones? Well, you should! You could probably say I'm a little addicted. 

PS. Oh hey, the winner of the Valentine's bundle is Jess from PrettyPhysicistCongrats, girlfriend!! 

Send me your address, and I'll get your package sent out --

It's only one day away from the weekend. Whoop!! 
Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. I use Instagram on my iPod, I am just a tiny bit crazy and obsessed! :P


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