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Have you guys seen these?

Seriously, have you guys seen these new iPhone cases? 

Brandon's cousin came over to the house the other night and told us all about his new waterproof case. He said he talked on his phone in the shower. Haha Only a seventeen year old would do that, right? 

Well, after that husband ordered us these new cases from this site and was super excited when they came in the mail. As soon as husband put his case on he HAD to test it out. He filled up the sink with water and dropped it in. He set the video camera to record while under water, and recorded a 10 minute video under water! 

How cool is that?!  

These cases are completely waterproof. Wait, no they are lifeproof. Ha! This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share this with you because these cases really work.

You never know, I might just be texting or be on Twitter the next time I take a bubble bath.

If you're crazy about your iPhone and always worry about getting water, mud, rain, or snow on it or dropping it, then this case is for you. I can't wait to take mine out on the boat this summer and not have to worry about it getting wet. 

Here's a video of someone swimming under water! Can't wait to test mine out…

Happy Wednesday, dear friends! 


  1. I NEED this! (But first, I need an iPhone haha) Seriously though, I drop my phone all the dang time. I need a SUPER phone protector :)

  2. Ooooo I need this!!!!! I have an Otterbox case that is pretty awesome, but waterproof?! Oh, I need this.

  3. Wow these cases seem so awesome!! I need one!

  4. I want!!! That is so cool! Is it shockproof too?

  5. What?! Oh that's awesome. Going on my wishlist right now :)

  6. Must have this, now. I am totally accident prone and have known to wash my phone in my pocket several times... goodbye otterbox!

  7. Whooa! REALLY?! This would be great to have while on vacation.

  8. prob the best invention EVER for all those iphone crazies! pretttty awesome :)

  9. WOW! that is so neat! I just might have to get me one ;)

  10. Those cases look amazing! I think I need one for every electronic device I own!


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