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lunch date

A couple of weeks ago my beautiful mother came to visit me. I drove to San Antonio and picked her up then drove back to my house. There's nothing like road tripping across Texas with your momma!   

I love any time I get to spend with my mom, and that weekend was no different. We had one of the best conversations on our drive over. We talked life, and what we both have been up to lately, and we also talked about what Our Heavenly Father has been doing in our lives.

We went to lunch at McAlister's Deli, one of my favorite sandwich delis here in Texas, and had a great lunch just the two of us together. We also did a little shopping, planned our holidays and later cooked a delicious dinner together. It was a wonderful day. Sure do love that woman!  

Well, it's almost the weekend. What are your plans? I still have soo much shopping to do!! #lastminuteshopper

Happy Thursday everyone!  

She's so pretty!


  1. you ladies are so beautiful! what a fun day. I love San Antonio. Cute outfit too! and I haven't even really started xmas shopping! total last minute shopper!

  2. You are both gorgeous! I'm glad you got to spend that time with her... that's so special :)

  3. Sounds like such a fun day! Ya'll are so gorgeous!! I love that last picture! :)

  4. You both are beautiful :) Sounds like a fun time! That food looks so delicious. Have a great weekend xoxo

  5. I love visits from mom and sweet tea from McAllister's :) Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. You and your mom look so much alike Alisha, it's crazy!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend and getting all that shopping done! :)

  7. I bet I know which lunch was Mom's...insert smiley face here.


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