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First year of marriage and hopes for my little blog

Growing up I had always done the journal thing, what girl doesn't right? Oh the things I wrote about. Ha! One day I'll have to share an older entry with you. You'd laugh your arse off.  

But, now a little older, I wanted something more hands on and maybe a little more public. Last year in October, on a cold rainy day, work was slow and with nothing better to do (apparently) I started this blog sitting at my work computer. I wanted to document the final days leading up to our wedding. I wanted to be able to share with YOU our plans, our struggles, and our love. 

In the beginning, I hoped my blog would give encouragement to other couples out there. That it would help them appreciate their own relationship. That it would help them enjoy the time they have to share with their significant other. And I still hope for this. I have BIG hopes for this little blog. :)

We still consider ourselves in the honeymooner stage even though Brandon jokes telling people that ship sailed the minute we got back to the states. Our one year anniversary was December 4th, and our love is still going strong!

In our one year of marriage we have learned so much about each other. More than what you find out when you are just dating. We have learned that we are an important half to a team that involves a husband and a wife. We work together to bring out the best in one another. We strive to create a great life for ourselves as best friends and lovers. We love one another, and we live to support each other. I love who I am married to, and I love that we share this relationship together.

If you are married, I pray that you never lose sight of the specialness and the miracle that is your marriage. Marriage gets hard. Period. And, it can get boring, but it's up to you and your spouse or partner to never lose sight of the real reason why you got married in the first place.

I hope you have a wonderful first day of winter!


  1. lovely post. you guys are so cute.
    i hope one day to be so lucky :)

  2. Happy belated one year! Love all of your appreciation and gratefulness in this!

  3. This post is very cute for me since my anniversary is only in two months! It's definitely not always rainbows and butterflies, it's a work in progress, always! :) You guys are a very cute couple!

    xo, Ana

  4. i love this post..everyone should read this...wishing you many many more years of marriage Alisha and hubby!

  5. Aww! This made me smile :) Looks like you had a beautiful wedding! You look so in love and your photos are beautiful. Happy 1 year anniversary! Hope you two will always be this happy.

  6. Congratulations, girl! Happy belated anni. :) You two make a beautiful couple.

  7. Congrats! And happy anniversary :)

  8. Oh my garsh! Your wedding dress is fantastic! And happy anniversary! Yes! Yes! Wise words with which I agree! Marriage is hard sometimes..but a huuuuuge blessing and not to be taken for granted!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  9. Such a perfect post! The hubby and I hit our one year mark recently as well, and it felt so good. Congratulations!
    xx Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  10. I love your dress!! Halters are my FAVORITE! And I love that ruffle!! Soooo pretty!


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