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Christmas 2011

What do flying monkeys, plastic squid toys and a Christmas Eve candle light service all have in common? These three things made us laugh, saved our lives eyes and warmed our hearts on a cold Christmas Eve.

Flying monkeys are, by far, the coolest toys since Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in case you haven't heard. They wear an awesome super hero-like cape, scream and really fly! (Now which one of those turtles could fly?!) Just be sure to give everyone fair warning before you start making your monkey fly. You may just scare the piss out of some people! I promise you'll have hours 5 minutes of fun.

Plastic squid toys (think 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea') come in handy when your three year old cousin is blinding you with his new LED flashlight. Who gave that to him again? Rene, you should have worn the super hero cape! Just saying. ;)

And, Christmas Eve church service warmed our hearts with the story of Jesus' birth, singing Christmas songs, and the candle lighting from the congregation. Jesus brought light into this dark world, and our candles symbolized His light filling the dark room.  Thank you Jesus for coming to earth as a baby, to live as human and make the ultimate sacrifice to die in my place! Jesus really IS the reason for the season. 

On Christmas morning Brandon and I curled up on the couch, covered head to toe in warm layers with a hot cup of coffee, and had our own small, yet very cozy Christmas. We exchanged our gifts there on our comfortable couch. Love that man.

Then we loaded up all of our gifts, crammed full in the back of Brandon's truck and headed out on the road to see Brandon's family. We had a delicious lunch at Brandon's dad's house, and exchanged gifts there. Then had the best dessert imaginable at Brandon's mom's house - frozen ice cream balls rolled in roasted pecans cover in bittersweet chocolate, Mmm Mmm!! And we finished the evening at Brandon's step-dad's place with a fabulously prepared dinner - turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, and pies galore! 

This was the best Christmas yet!! 2012 you've got some steep competition...

I hope you and your family had the most wonderful time and a very Merry Christmas this year!! Here's to a fabulous New Year! 

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. Haha flying monkeys?! Really?! Lol!

    Sounds like ya'll had a good Christmas!! :) Love the pictures too! =D

  2. fun Christmas pictures, you are so beautiful!

  3. even mr. nutcracker got some love! cute.

  4. Loved this post, great photos!

  5. i like the giant nutcracker! how funny! very cute pictures of your family.

  6. Sounds like a lovely Christmas. Flying monkey, awesome :)


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