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a little nostalgic

Lately I've been receiving Brides magazine in the mail (a subscription I didn't even know I signed up for), and well, flipping through the magazines and reading all the great articles is bringing back all sorts of memories from when I was planning my own wedding last year.

Honestly, even if I had the opportunity to do it all over again I'd still do everything the same. I loved everything about my wedding. What's even cooler, Brandon and I are still getting compliments from people around town and family members about our wedding and the venue. I wasn't going for that when I was planning, but it sure makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when people continue to tell you a year later that your wedding was gorgeous.

Our wedding was a celebration of rustic country touches at a venue with twelve historic circa 1900 buildings including a dance hall, bingo hall and saloon. It was a conglomeration of family and friends coming together to help us make our day so incredibly special. I can't thank everyone enough. 

My top 10 memories
1. Shopping for my dress with my mom, sister, mother-in-laws, grandmothers and sister-in-law
2. Getting sick from licking stamps and envelopes for the save the dates ha!
3. The night after the rehearsal dinner. Brandon and I took the bridal party out for one last hoo-raw at the local bar in town
4. Piecing the candelabra arrangements together with my grandmother-in-law
5. Hugging my pregnant sister and kissing her tummy with baby Lincoln inside
6. Wearing my great-grandmothers ring sewed into my dress for my something old
7. The FOOD. Brandon's dad is one amazing cook
8. Kissing Brandon the morning of the ceremony. I was trying so hard not to see him, but it just kind of happened 
9. Talking to my dad before the ceremony started and clutching his arm so tight as walked down the aisle
10. Seeing Brandon's face as I walked down the isle through my tear soaked eyes and telling myself "just breath" 


  1. Beautiful! I just love it all - the dress, the location, the flowers. Ahhhh .... why can't we do it all over every 10 or so years?

  2. I love when there's a certain warmth to a wedding, like in the those strands of lights and the flowers. Very pretty!

  3. This just made a smile on my face, actually an emotional happiness and sadness at the same time. I was not there to celebrate your big day, wish i could of been there. It was beautiful or so I can judge by the pictures but wish I had the opportunity to been there. Will always love you my dear friend, I miss you.

    Juan Patricio

  4. Awww I loved reading your top 10 wedding memories! They're so sweet. Makes me reminisce our wedding too. I love that first picture of you!! Gorgeous.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful wedding - I love the rustic charm...and those centerpieces? LOVE.

    Are you excited for your upcoming 1-year anniversary? Any special plans?

  6. awwww...what beautiful memories, Alisha! i can't wait to experience that one day :)

    don't ya love reading the brides magazines! i get them too - planning my future wedding...just need a groom ;)

  7. It looks beautiful! I love the calla lilies.

  8. Love the flowers most. Really quite untraditional & sooooooooooooo beautiful. xx

  9. I think I see us in the right corner over there haha
    What a magical day, I'm so happy we got to be there!
    I know you & Brandon will live such a happy life together, love ya :)

    xx Libby

  10. Your wedding was so pretty! I love love loveeeee your dress!!


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