Tuesday, October 11, 2011

snapshots as of late...

Which has included some fun days and well, ALOT of food.  I can't help it.  This girl likes to eat!  Who's with me?!

1. My friend, Lindy, at her gorgeous wedding! 
2. Kitty sleeping while Husband and I watch TV on a Friday night. 
3. Panini for lunch! Can you say delicious?! YUM
4. Yesterday's snack - sliced cheese and strawberries
5. Me and my beautiful mom last weekend!
6. More food! Breakfast. 
7. The pumpkin patch from this weekend.
8. Sunday night's dinner.
9. My project as of late - cake balls. {recipe coming soon!}

{All edits done with instagram.}


  1. omg this post is making my mouth water. I especially can't wait for your cake ball recipe! :)

    xo andrea

  2. Hey, Lindy was one of my sorority sisters at A&M! Small world :)

  3. that good....holy goodness!!! yum!

  4. you are a woman after my own heart. those photos are making me hungry.


  5. you are so cute! you and the bride are gorgeous and nothing wrong with food all of your photos look so good i want to lick the computer screen but i won't because that would be gross and my co-workers might think i am weird...

  6. WOW, that food looks amazing! Top it off I'm starving right now! haha. You look so pretty next to the bride! :)

  7. Love the pic of you and the bride Alisha! You both look gorgeous!! :)

  8. I want to come and hang out (and eat) with youuuuu!!!

  9. I love the sleeping kitty pic!

  10. Yum yum yum.... I love grilled cheese. Seriously! One of my coworkers also just brought some cake balls into work a few days ago.... pretty amazing. Can't wait to see the recipe for those. (:

  11. Look like you had a lovely weekend. Can't wait for that recipe. Those cake balls look delicious.

  12. LOVE all of your pictures! I take lots of food pics too! Your mom is so pretty! You two look alike! <3 XOXO

  13. GRILLED CHEESE!!! OMG. That's my comfort food :)


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