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It's Friday! (not the music video)

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Happy Friday friends!!

So, every time I hear or say the words "It's Friday" I can't help but think of this song.

This morning husband and I woke up a bit earlier than usual. We found out we don't need an alarm any more. Out little kitten has been doing a mighty fine job on his own. His need for attention and love in the morning is seriously interrupting our snuggle time.

That little guy is not mistreated. Promise. We ignored him for just a few minutes. And guess what? He survived. 

Quick question though, can this same rule apply when babies are involved? Or does snuggle time with your husband go completely out the window after babies come?

Speaking of babies, it seems all of husband's and my friends are popping out those little things and saying "Ooooh babies!!". First of all please don't ever let me say that line (at least not anytime soon), and two did we miss the baby memo? I don't want our kids to grow up alone. Do we jump on this baby train just so our kids have friends their age?

So many questions.

So many sacrifices.

Thank goodness it's Friday. Weekends always make tough-decision-making so much easier. So does alcohol, but we won't go there. The guy at the banquet auction last night buying every.thing. in sight made that very clear when he held up an empty Crown Royal bottle.

That's all.

PS. The winner of the eShakti $20 gift card is… Erin Day! Congrats girl. I've emailed you.


  1. The same thing is happening with a lot of my classmates and friends... they're all having babies! There's no set schedule for things like that though.... they'll just happen when they are meant to. I have a feeling that we're not meant to have kids quite yet. Our lives are too hectic as it is! Imagine bringing kids into that.

    Don't worry about your kids not having friends their age.... because they will have friends their age and then you'll make new friends because of it! Win-win. (:

  2. bahah. friday friday friday! that dang song, i hate it! ;]
    everyone is pregnant! it's like wedding season is over and now its time for babies! hold strong woman! :] we have been married almost the same amount of time! which is only {almost} a year, no kids anytime soon for us! :] but it doesn't keep me from being curious or wanting one! just not good timing! you are too cute! happy friday my adorable friend!

  3. I just wrote a post today about babies too ha. I agree with the comment above, I don't think you should worry about them having friends their age, because they will!

    I think when friends are having babies, it's harder for girls than for guys... because after all, they can have a kid anytime in life =/

    Happy weekend!

  4. Hey girlie! Don't stress, you're young & have plenty of time. The first years with your husband are precious. You have time now to sleep late, snuggle, drink a little (or alot) & find things out that you never would have guessed but make you love him more. Now is when you can focus totally on each other & while this may sound selfish to some, it's not. When you're children come, your days are so filled with things that weren't even a consideration before. Not to mention, so much less sleep.

    Children our a reaffirmation the God thinks we've done something right & is rewarding us, but with that comes alot of restructuring of our lives. So love your married life, just the two of you & just have a baby "visit" with friends on occasion. There will be no lack of friends, they come with the territory & Pre-school.
    You can always borrow Kamryn... :)

  5. My bff and sister recently had baies and honestly i am no where ready to have a baby of our own. plus we just got married. but having babies is such a sacrifice! i hope to be ready someday soon. Have a great weekend!

  6. Ahhhh! Babies? Now? I am all for babies (I have an adorable nephew that I will be writing about for YT this weekend...), but don't you feel like everyone is having babies so early? I think it's nice to enjoy being married for awhile. Your (beautiful!) children will find friends, love. :)

    I miss you. Thank you for so sweetly popping in and commenting on my writing. You're a doll. And those words always make my day a little brighter. I'm sorry for being so lame about checking in. Sometimes, I feel like my life is crumbling on all sides and I have to run back and forth to keep the walls standing - if that makes sense. We should have a major email catch-up soon!

    Much love and happy weekend!

  7. awe, i remember last year about this time when Mylo was a little kitten-pop and would do the exact same thing. they love the love hey?!

    when you're ready for the real deal you'll know and the baby train waits in the station till then. don't fret, my pet...i have no doubt that those kiddos of yours will have a wealth of friends surrounding them when they reach the scene. happy weekend....already went there with the alcohol - baha! ♥

  8. Noooo, don't have babies just because other people are!! Y'all have to have babies when y'all are ready, not when other couples are ready. We feel the pressure, too, but we are hanging tough! Haha!!

  9. Oh my gosh Alisha no! Don't jump on the baby train until you're ready. There's no rules and no timelines you have to follow. Do what's right for you guys. I DEFINITELY understand the feeling. Though I'm single, the majority of my friends are married and are onto kid number 2 in most cases... I've definitely fallen behind :) But you know what, that's okay {at least this is what I keep telling myself LOL} no really, it is... You guys will know when the time is right for you and that's all that matters.

  10. hahaha "it's friday" has been soiled by that ridiculous song but i can't help but kinda like it


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