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The art of Thrifting

Cardigan: Thrifted, Top: Target, Capris: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: Payless, Necklace: In Honor of Design, Watch: Francesca's Collection, Bracelet: Bay City Floral

The art of thrifting. Yes, thrifting really is an art in my opinion. I've written on thrifting before, but I felt I left out a few muy imporatante tips. 

If you don't know what thrifting is, you're really missing out. I'll tell you a little secret too: Thrifting isn't even a word. We made it up. Thrift stores. Second-hand stores. Estate sales. Goodwill. They're all the same. 

When thrifting, you have to keep in mind what you want. Be specific. What are looking for? Vintage dresses. A few cardigans. Jeans. 

Shopping in general at thrift stores can really get you in trouble. Just because something is $2 doesn't mean you have to buy it. Those $2 purchases can quickly add up. Thrifting is all about getting by with little to nothing! 

So, shop with purpose.

When you find an item you have to HAVE, find something about the item that you absolutely LOVE. Otherwise, it’ll be stuck in the back of your closet never to be seen again. Take this cardigan for example. The color. I love the color. And the embroidered flowers on the front gives it a fun, vintage look. 

Then start thinking how you can style your item and how many seasons you can get out of it. And what items in your closet have the potential to compliment it. You have to envision how you would wear it and what you would wear with it. 

If you're not overwhelmed with brilliant ideas when you look at your item, then put that baby back on the rack and move on.

Another helpful hint: Most thrift store sales are final, and that means NO returns. Be sure it fits before you leave the store. Don't be afraid to try things on. 

Now get thrifting, friends! 
But don't let the old moth ball smell stop you. ;)  


  1. You look great in yellow! I can't pull it off... at all.

  2. Great tips. I always wanna go thrifting but I get overwhelmed so easily. I'll keep these in mind next time :)

  3. super cute outfit! thanks for the tips ... i'm off for my first "thrifting" experience this weekend and will be sure keep your blogging voice in the back of my head =)

  4. Fantastic points. I am still learning the art of thrifting. You look adorable. Your hair is fabulous!

  5. I need to start thrifting. My area doesn't have good thrift stores, but a Good Will is opening soon and I can't wait to see what they have there

  6. I havent ventured into thrifting yet. This summer i just really got into yard/garage/estate saleing. It really is fun, but like you said, you need to have a plan for any and every item you are buying! :)

  7. australian speak, "good on ya for posting on this"

    thrift stores in australia are called 'op shops' for opportunity stores since most are charity related

    salvation army's store is called 'salvos'

    and here op shops aren't cheap, the nicer the piece of clothing or brand, the more expensive the price, i mean like $35 for a thrifted coat, i instead shop for cheaper pieces at china town shops

    just a quick language lesson!

  8. You definitely know how to rock a yellow cardigan.

    I've never thought about heading to thrift stores with a specific purchase in mind! That's brilliant.

  9. I love your thrifting tips! The small purchases definitely do add up quickly. I think that your tip about envisioning how you will wear something, and what you will wear it with, are especially important when buying full priced items too. I always try and figure out if the item is something I can get a lot of wear out of.... or else it will sit in my closet with tags on it forever! (:

  10. Great tips! I so want to start thrifting, but I need someone to go with me!!!! #baby

  11. such a cute are too cute!

  12. you're so adorbs Alisha! great advice, i love thrifting!!! ♥


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