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5 tips to have a great weekend...

1. First, bake homemade pumpkin bread for husband and family then send them pictures of you tasting the batter 
2. Enjoy a fun night out to Chili's to celebrate your grandma's birthday
3. Make a hardy and delicious breakfast that consists of chocolate chip pancakes. YUM!
4. Snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and watch some football
5. And lastly, be sure to get in a good afternoon nap

I know some of you are already experiencing gorgeous weather, and I'm just a little jealous. It's slowly starting to feel more and more like fall here in Texas (well, not triple digits), and to say we're excited about it is definitely an understatement.

Yesterday was a day for baking, and our house smelled of pumpkin for hours. Nothing is better for fall than the smell of pumpkin. There's just something about holidays that make me want to bake. Cookies, cakes, pies! Mmm Mmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Do you like to bake when the holidays come around?

If you're looking for a delicious Pumpkin Bread recipe try this one HERE. I promise you won't be disappointed. Everyone LOVED it!

Love the smell of pumpkin in the house!!
Taking pictures in 100% humiditiy is quite the task. My lens and viewfinder were fogging up big time.

I always love fresh picked flowers in the house!
Happy weekend, friends!



  1. Yummmm I love pumpkin. and the smell of baked pumpkin goods. Sounds like a great weekend :) it got freeeezing here in mass yesterday and the day before.. and just before that it had been SO hot!

  2. I love all these tips.. if only I could bake. but I can eat! :)

  3. OMG i love pumpkin loaf I'm a little jealous...hmmm... i might have to bake this week, even though that would also mean doing dishes which i have been successfully avoiding :)

    Sounds like you had a great weekend, and i couldn't agree more about the naps! I had a 2.5hr nap on saturday afternoon :)

  4. LOVE this! Sounds like a great weekend! I definitely need to whip up some pumpkin bread! Mmm.. :)

    Happy Monday! xoxox

  5. mmmm pumpkin bread sounds perfectly delish, but that afternoon nap sounds even better!

  6. YUM! That bread looks perfect! Bring some over. : )


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