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Sarah from Fairy Tales are True

Today's first guest post comes from a gorgeous gal whose blog I found not too long ago and fell head over heels with. Her photography is absolutely breathtaking. Her fairy tale is a dream come true. And her travels take you to places you could only dream about. You're absolutely going to LOVE this post!! 


Hi I'm Sarah Tucker from fairytales are true.  
Since our girl Alisha is in Dallas, 
I thought I'd tell y'all about a very memorable trip to the big D I had way back in 2009!
It was in the Dallas Arboretum  one Sunny Day in late May.
I had come to visit my boyfriend who was playing baseball and living there.
So here I was, totally oblivious.
 all "jb take my picture!" "this place is bananas" "i'm in heaven" "ohMgee, jaaaaay beeeee, there's lavender!"
Then I said "your hands are clammy.  Are you feeling ok?" 
He asked if we could sit down.  
so we did.  Sat on this stone bench underneath this pretty waterfall.  
I was just blabbing on and on about how gorgeous this place was. 
and what a good job he did to bring me here.  
when jb said "I have something to tell you"
Then his eyes got big, and he got real shaky.
He started getting down on bended knee.  
and then the question was popped.
"will you marry me?"
"yes yes yes yes yes!"
I don't think I've stopped smiling since.
This is the spot!
Here's JB calling his fam and friends! (:
A couple had watched the whole thing and come up to see if we'd like some pictures.
But that was just the beginning of the surprise.
He then whisked me away to the Ritz Carlton in Dallas.
After sipping on some champagne sent up to the room by his parents, 
JB told me to get cleaned up.  
There was more?? (:
{me and my bro}
My brother, his girlfriend, JB's best man and his wife all came up to our room and then we went down to the Ritz's private dining room in Fearings.  
{ummmm... how awkward of me}
Seriously.  This meal was one of my all time favorites.
I believe it lasted 6 hours and had a ridiculous amount of courses.
And the fairytale wasn't over.
The next morning JB sent my happy booty to the Ritz Spa for a massage and to relax.
I couldn't make this stuff up guys.  The man is good.  

So... Dallas is always going to hold a very special place in this heart of mine.
I hope you're enjoying Dallas Alisha!
Thanks for letting me share one of my favorite ever memories.  

See? Gorgeous!! 


  1. So excited to see Sarah on your blog today! Enjoy your time away, Alisha!

  2. I loveeeeeeeee this guest post! Super sweet! Love is just simply amazing ♥

  3. Congrats! That's so sweet. I love that you have pictures to capture the moment forever!

  4. Love her! Great guest post choice, Alisha! Hope you're enjoying your week away from us... ;)

  5. sarah "tiicker"!!! this story makes me SO HAPPY!!

    my fav fav fav couple. and they lived happily ever after! xoxo

  6. oh my gosh. the picture of you hugging the waiter's arm, sarah...i am obsessed. this makes me love dallas, too.

  7. Love, love, love Sarah and what a super cute story and wonderful pictures! They are adorable!

    Liesl :)

  8. Oh Sarah..what a great story! Thanks for introducing me to a new blog :)

  9. What a great proposal story!

  10. Awwww! I love Sarah; she is just the sweetest ever! And this proposal story is the best! Too sweet :)

  11. yay i love this! cutest story ever

  12. This is such a sweet engagement story! Dallas would be a special place after all of that pampering by your man, huh? (:


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