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A quick hello

Just a quick hello to tell you I'm over here today.

I don't think I've ever 'met' a more genuine blogger. 
This girl has such a big heart, is as sweet 
as they come, and an incredible writer. 

One day I WILL fly out to beautiful California to really meet this girl. 

Now, go make new friends with Joelle 
because I mean, what else do you have to do?
   That's what I thought. :)

And because this post needs a pretty picture, here's my sweet pup, Astro. 

Happy Monday, lovahs!


  1. I'll go check it out now.. I always wish it was easier to meet the bloggers I love, in real life!
    I live in Canada, and I swear there are no bloggers around.

  2. Love the pic of Astro! So cute!

    Going to check out the post now!

  3. checked out your guest post, yay a new blog to follow!
    hope you had a nice weekend.

  4. awesome, will do and Astro is a cutie pie indeed! ♥

  5. Cutest dog ever? *Runs off to look at post*!


  6. OMG. Astro is sooooo cute!!!!! His face reminds me of Jax. <3


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