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Progressive Oriental Date Night

Capris: Target, Top: Kohl's, Necklace: IHOD, Watch: Francesca's CollectionShoes: Blowfish

Thursday night was date night. Something we haven't done together in a while. And we decided to go a little crazy with it. But before we headed out I had Brandon snap a few pictures for the day's outfit. Husband is getting a little fancy with the camera.

We headed out into town and found a small sushi restaurant we have yet to try. When we pulled up to the restaurant B noticed a Thai restaurant down a couple of blocks. He may or may not be obsessed with it. So, we had our dinner which consisted of a few spicy tuna rolls, a volcano roll and gyoza. Gah, delicious. #justsaying

After dinner we still had a little bit of room in our tummies for dessert, so we walked the two blocks down to the Thai restaurant and had the BEST dessert known to mankind - mango and sticky rice! Again, delicious. Don't believe me? 
Well feast your eyes on this...

See, I told ya! BEST. EVER.

Mmmk. That's all. KBye.


  1. What a great date night! I was just talking about doing a progressive dinner earlier this week, so fun!

  2. Yum! I'm starting to like Asian food, at 23, I am such an adopted Asian who was never raised on Asian food....

    Anyways, last night we had an young American married couples night where we went bowling, then we had gelato, then we went to a suburb of sydney and ate japanese then we went to a bottle shop and went back to someone's house and had wine and chocolate, so i guess i had a progressive night too!

  3. ps: we felt like such cool "old" married people because we stayed out past 10


  5. How fun!! Great outfit too... I love the top....

  6. sounds like a great night and your shoes are fabulous!

  7. I love your outfit! Coral is one of my favorite colors right now.... and it looks great on you and your perfectly tanned complexion.

    I'm already looking forward to fall in Florida, because I just don't have enough clothes to stay cool in during summer haha. Maybe I'd be more successful at a fall/winter 30 for 30 mix challenge. hehe #excuses

    I haven't ever had a dessert like that before... it looks delish!

  8. Your top is so pretty!
    Sounds like you had a really nice evening. I love sushi and thai food. There was a thai place right at the end of my old street, they knew me by name lol The other day I went a different restaurant owned by the same people and the man from my old thai place was there an recognized me! You know you went somewhere too often when....
    mmm... now I want wonton soup and pad thai :)


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