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7 things

Top: Target, Jeans: Buckle, Necklace: IHOD, Watch: Francesca's Collection,
Boots: Cavanders

Herro new friends! I'm so glad you're here. Mean that.

I don't want to be rude, so I will do my best to get better acquainted with each and every one of you. I'd love to get to know ya, so let's chat.

Mmmk, so 7 things? How about 7 random things you should probably know about me before you call me your friend…

1. I'm not some crazy narcissist who takes lots of pictures of herself.
Honest. (though that may not be what it looks like)

2. If I don't know the words to a song I'll make up my own, but the words always rhyme and sometimes make sense.

3. I love capturing a moment in time that I can take out and look at a later date. (though I don't consider myself a photographer. yet)

4. I have a love-hate relationship with high heels. They're so fun, but man, do they hurt my toesies.

5. I have a crazy, unhealthy obsession with flamin' hot cheetos.

6. When I was a kid I started my own babysitter's club. It consisted of me and my sister. It failed after the second day.

7. I can quote the entire movie How to lose a guy in 10 Days.

So. I'm in the market for a new best friend. If you're in need of an awkward, yet completely awesome friend then I'm your girl.


  1. I am absolutely loving your necklace!!


  2. Love the necklace. It is so unique.

  3. 3. I do the same thing--I take pictures of everythinggg and I can't wait until *my* camera is fixed so I don't have to use my mom's!

    7. Great movie :)

    Your outfit is so great today, love the hot pink and I want that necklace!!

  4. haha, love your 7 things! :)

  5. you are too cute!! i also love flamin hot cheetos. and can mayyyybe quote all of how to lose a guy in 10 days...and clueless. lol

  6. I love this "I'm in the market for a new best friend"...

    me too!! lol

  7. Oh my gosh, Alisha! You are NOT awkward... I just lurve you. (:

    Girl, I agree with you on the heels situation. I absolutely love how they make my 5'4" self taller and leaner looking, but I hate how they kill my ankle and toes. Ugh. Love-hate.

    Now that I know 7 random things about you let's be bffs okay? Great!

  8. Your not awkward, your Alisha! Oh and the heels, ugh they are cute and all but I much rather wear flip flops all day! xoxo

  9. You know what I think is so cute?! The little pink flush that your cheeks always have. That might sound weird, but it really is so pretty! I'm guessing it's natural, or do you wear blush?

  10. I want to be your bestie because of 5 and 6..I started my own babysitter's club too.. I was the only person in it though..haha! Seriously not as fun as the books..but I tried! And I love hot cheetos and would eat them more often except I hate the red stained fingers look..cause everyone knows what I've been eating and there's not way of hiding it..maybe I should get some latex gloves... lol

    Janette, the Jongleur

  11. you crack me up

    you look great in hot pink, i'm scared of warm tones. terrified. i own no reds or yellows... or oranges... i will wear pink, hot pink.

    erm... i love how your blog grows everyday with your links, design, followers, social networking on the IT list, gives me something to look forward to doing myself one day

  12. I also love/hate high heels, love/love flamin' hot cheetos, and make up lyrics to songs I don't know. Or just mutter gibberish to the right tune. Moral of the story - I think we're meant to be. :)

  13. cute outfit!!

    jenna duty

  14. loved the post and I have to say, it's refreshing when people post more pics :-)


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