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Trip to Paris: Oh la la

So, I've been reading I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk, (great book by the way!) but in reading it, my love for Paris has grown deeper and deeper. Paris - the fashion city of the world. To be able to take pictures myself of the beautiful scenery, and not have to see it through someone else's eyes or lens. To be able to get lost in the winding streets of the hipster and chic parts of town. To be able to max out my credit card in the most expensive stores known to mankind. To be able to see beautiful Parisian women and men. A dream, I tell you. 

And, it would truly be a dream to win this lovely giveaway from Oh Happy Day. If you haven't entered, hurry your buns up. The contest closes tomorrow night! 

What. An. Opportunity. 
I am swooning.     


  1. When Tyler and I were there, I wanted to buy sooo many things. I had to tell Tyler to stop letting me go into stores lol.
    You must go someday! :)

  2. Have you seen my last fashion post? It was "How to dress Parisian" based on a book review of a book by the same name for sale on Amazon that I plan to buy. The book also tells you where this classic 19760's-ish fashion model thinks are the most Parisian places to shop, dine, and see and been seen. You need to check it out!

    Bird has been to Paris, we plan to travel Europe once we're back in the US and done with Oceania and Asia (what we're doing now.)

  3. I've never been but I imagine the springtime there is absolutely amazing! Good luck!


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