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Southern Comforts

Vest: Thifted, Top: Target, Jeans: (old) Charlotte Russe, Necklace: c/o ModCloth, Bracelets: Kohl’s, Keds: (old) FinishLine

There’s nothing like good ole fashion sweet southern comfort. For me, that’s southern food made from family recipes, people with southern accents, the smell of wildflowers in the wind, the southern sky, the smell of fresh cut grass, big bugs, and then there's sweet iced tea. 

These comforts are where I’m from, they have made who I am today. Something about last night’s dinner with Husband got me thinking of who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going. I even thought of little Alisha’s and Brandon’s running around the house some day. One day.

Happy Friday!! 


  1. Do you take your pics at sunrise or sunset, Alisha? Just curious. The light is pretty!

  2. Very nice! I love the processing you did on these. It makes them look so warm and summery. :)


  3. Love that you thrift too!!!

  4. What pretty pictures, I like the sunlight! Way to thrift too!

    By the sweet tea. Though I'm very west coasted born and bread, my honey is a southern boy, so I get to learn all the southern foods he enjoys.

  5. I just want to come visit and be introduced to 'southern comforts'. really! They sound so wonderful.

  6. Gorgeous! And hooray for baby fever!

  7. See that is what southern comfort food does to you, and that is why I love it:D

    Here in KS NO ONE carries sweet tea, and it kills me! Luckily we are moving back to GA this summer;)

  8. Thanks for commenting and stopping by my blog!

    I'm going to be updating soon and would love to have you stop by again!!

    Cute blog btw =)


  9. i'm from North Carolina (though currently living in sydney) and you just made me so hungry for BBQ and sweet tea!!! oh well, i'll have to... drink warm mint tea before bed instead, lol. in the 2nd picture you look like a badass, just saying~


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