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One Little Confession

Top & Shoes: Kohl's, Skirt: ModCloth, Necklace: Park Lane,
Bracelet: thrifted

I feel I should link up with one of those confessional link up blog hop things for this post. In all honesty, there's really so many out there in blog land I didn't know which one to choose…

So here's my little confession:  When I took on this 30 for 30 challenge, I told myself I would shop my closet and stay away from the mall, the department stores, and the cute boutiques in town. And so far I've succeed in all three areas. Except, I forgot to mention online shopping. It's like the 10 lbs from Christmas you never knew you packed on until after the new year.

Just three clicks of the mouse and I was faced with "if the information below is correct, please click submit to complete your order". And what'd this girl do? I clicked submit. $35 gone. Like THAT!

But I will say, it was money well spent. This beautiful yellow, look-at-me-summer-is-here, ModCloth skirt is a gem. And another even has pockets!! You may or may not see this skirt somehow incorporated into the rest of the 30 for 30 challenge. Hey, it's my challenge, I'll mess it up how I want. Thank you very much. 

That's all. 
K, bye!   


  1. That skirt is an awesome color!

  2. Cute skirt ... LOVE mustard yellow! Pairs so well with blacks, whites and olive greens!!

  3. I love the color of this skirt! Definitely add it to your 30x30 mix. Play by your own rules! Even Kendi posted about making it your own and not feeling like there were "rules" and if you broke one you're out!
    My moto is do what you like without guilt. If it's making you feel guilty is it really adding value or joy to your life?

    You're brave to buy clothes online. I'm always so afraid they won't fit and be a hassle to exchange.

  4. That is the perfect skirt for a summer 30x30 challenge! If you were going to "mess up your challenge", I think that skirt is a fine way to do it. ;)

    I could really use some new summer clothing, because since moving to FL I've realized that I have practically nothing that I can wear here without sweating my buns off. Seeing you in this lovely skirt really makes me want to get a skirt for summer!

    Can't wait to see how you work that bright skirt into different outfits!

  5. I love that second picture of you, Alisha! So happy! And I adore that whole outfit.

  6. Darling skirt! Don't you LOVE skirts with pockets?! I do. When they don't, I always find my hands looking for them! :)

    amy day to day

  7. Love the skirt color and your top! Love the pics! You look so happy! :)


  8. I absolutely LOVE this outfit!!!

    And online shopping is my weakness! It's too easyyyy! AH!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  9. Online shopping is so easy it's ridiculous, which makes it so much fun!

    Love the shirt!

  10. LOVE IT! Not just the skirt in that beautiful shade of yellow, but that you found a "loophole" in the 30 for 30 challenge! :) You are a crack up, my friend!

    Internet shopping is too easy. Just too easy...


  11. Hahahaha. I mean, it wasn't your fault! It's just SO easy to hit submit!! Love the skirt!

  12. in LOVE with that skirt!!!! :) it looks adorable on you.

  13. you just totally made my day by being my second official follower! LOL :)

  14. girl, you are SO gorgeous. just throwing your hair up in a bun, and throwing on some bright colours, and you're glowing!!
    worth the $35. promise.
    PS. Guess what?? I have next month's photo theme announced today:) Guess what it is... i'm excited about it.

  15. I LOVE the modcloth skirt! And the color is gorgeous :)

  16. I'm loving the color on you! And I agree, money well spent... but that's coming from a fellow shopaholic so take it with a grain of salt- ha!

    :) :) Have a fab Tuesday love!



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