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Mambo Italiano

I'd like to think I have Italian blood coursing through my veins. Though I don't have any Italian ancestors, or know the language (does Spanish count?) nor have I ever been, but Italy has my heart! Ever since sophomore year world history, Italy has been but a dream to travel to.

Sadly though, when I get in the mood to cook an Italian meal (which has only been spaghetti), it usually consists of boxed noodles, canned sauce (gasp!) and frozen bread. I know, how pathetic. You're prolly thinking, this girl! She thinks she can cook Italian. Pssh, get outta here with that weak sauce. Literally.

Well, last night I might have stepped up my game a notch or two. Thanks for the compliment, Husband. Feast your eyes on this... Gifted white wine (absolutely delicious by the way), a REAL Italian recipe and home made sauce! Oh-Yeah!

Now I won't be going to Italy any time soon to show off my skills (or will I?), but it's a start!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Yummy... I love Fetzer Gewurztraminer. Oh yeah, the spaghetti looks good too. :)

  2. That looks like some tasty homemade sauce! I hope you get to visit Italy some day.... you would love it. You can eat gelato every day and not ever feel guilty about it. Italy somehow makes eating a lot of food feel okay. (:

    Bringing Italy to the home with some good cooking probably works for now though. Happy Weekend!

  3. you always have to start somewhere! kudos for going out a limb and trying something new. food can taste a lot better when you know the work put into making it. :)

    i spent 2 weeks touring italy between sophomore and junior years of high school with my latin class. when you go, you'll love it!

  4. It looks really good. Way to step it up a couple notches. ;) I made my own marinara sauce once and that's, I think, the most 'authentic' italian I've made. Happy Weekend!

  5. I love Italian food!!! Good work on stepping it up and making it more authentic haha. My husband lived in Italy for 2 years for a church mission and he LOVES it there! You have to save up and go gelato and food!

    Ashley Sloan

  6. I feel like we're soul sisters on this one! I adore Italy too... it's pretty much one of my favorite places ever and it's a completely fabulous country :)

    I'm actually learning Italian right now and can't wait to go back and use my new found language speaking skills haha

    Have a great Sunday love :)

  7. *Drool* Looks pretty good from this Italian lady's point of view!


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