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Love Story

Good morning sweetums! Did you have a good weekend? Our family reunion turned out to be better than we thought, and granny didn't go on too many rants though I'll save the rest of that story for another post.

Today I'm sharing the mushiest gushiest of all love stories yet ever told over on Katie's blog. And after you've read our story you should make friends with Katie! She's really quite lovely, and I mean, you do want more friends, right?! Ok then.



  1. You two are so sweet! I enjoyed reading your love story!

    xo Michelle @ A Little Bit of This & That

  2. Great love story! I like how Brandon snuck your engagement ring into your Aggie ring box. He's a keeper! (:

  3. Just read the story and your love story is adorable- such a nice thing to read on a Monday morning :)

    Have a fab day love!

  4. Aww Alisha! I just read it. So precious and you two are just perfect together :)


  5. Read your guest post today, Alisha! I'm such a sap and love reading love stories, over and over again!

  6. le sigh...i love love stories.

  7. Loved reading about your Love Story over on Love is Everywhere...super cute! Lovely blog too!!!

    Liesl :)

  8. That's such a cute story, Alisha! Your wedding picture is so so gorgeous. I love those mushy stories. What a sweet guy!

    amy day to day
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